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Kerns Website Launched

TRG, in partner with The Luv, has worked closely with Stemicks Heritage Foods to ramp up for the launch of their revamped Kern’s site.  After a few long months of hard work, the site is finally here and we’re proud to show it off!

Five To-do’s for a Graphic Designer

            Being a graphic designer and jumping into the field beyond academia, you will quickly realize that you’re going to have to hit the ground running.  The beauty of being a graphic designer is you have the opportunity to work in almost any creative business environment. This can also be one of your biggest challenges.  Success and failure in your new position will be influenced by how well you adapt to your work environment.  Who you work for will not only dictate what you will be designing but influence how you will design and your overall creative process.  My work Read More

TRG Kicks off Weekly Top Things to Look Out For

  Welcome to the premiere of our weekly top 5 things to look out for in marketing and entertainment. Be sure to check back every Friday to stay in the know of all things engaging. Enjoy.      

Marketing to a Millennial: How Ford got me to Focus

They call me a millennial and I am quite desired by them. They view me as a challenging proposition, although I’d like to think that I’m pretty easy. I knew what I wanted and went in for the kill. At least my dad approved.  In fact, my dad set the whole thing up with them. And by them, I mean Ford.   As a recent college graduate, it was time for me to upgrade my personal department of transportation. Saying goodbye to my beat up Toyota Corolla was not an easy task, but I was on the search for a Read More

Former Director Natalie Diekmann Promoted to SVP of Operations

We’re pleased to announce that Natalie Diekmann has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations at The Regan Group. Natalie started in October of 2010 and immediately jumped into execution on the Lifetime Fairy Jobmother project. In joining a new team and under a tight 3-week timeline to execute an experiential campaign, Natalie fully immersed herself into the project by securing Fortune 500 companies, retail partners, detailing an event floor plan and coordinating with vendors to ensure a TRG team success.  This was just the beginning of her commitment to the TRG Team. In her new role, Natalie will be overseeing Read More

Eight Tips to Bringing “The Big Idea” to Life

You just sold the BIG idea. You spent countless hours and long nights developing, tweaking and pitching concepts to your client and the ink is still fresh on the dotted line. The client is, naturally, expecting the campaign to go off without a hitch. That’s when reality hits- your idea is only as good as your execution. Now it’s time to bring The Big Idea to life. Where do you begin? 1) Make a List; Check it Twice! Integrated promotional campaigns are not rocket science, but they do require serious organization, planning and constant attention to detail. Start by defining Read More