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Turnkey Expertise that can Activate the Instant™ at any Touchpoint

 TRG makes your consumer activation programs more nimble, better optimized and more effective. How?

By sweating the details, from insight-driven big-idea strategies to handling the crucial nuances — legalities, rules, fulfillment and more.

IntersectionTRG works at the intersection of today’s critical activation disciplines: digital/mobile/social media, experiential and retail/shopper marketing, where your brand story has to hit home.

Our activation and promotion insight, combined with collaborative strategy, creative and account service, makes any program totally turnkey for you as a client, no matter how complex or simple your product is.

The Right Tools for any Activation Marketing Need

Some clients want us to handle a single, specialized aspect of their overall program.  Others ask for holistic,front-to-back solutions. We’re happy to provide either…or anything in-between.

Whether by sweepstakes, authentic brand experiences, street teams, social media contests, loyalty programs or premiums, The Regan Group puts the right marketing and sales promotion tools in the right places at the right instants to make connections happen with your target audience.


TRG Burst

An Agnostic Approach to Solving Your Activation Challenges

We’re more than a marketing and sales promotion agency: We’ve been a 360° consumer activation and full-service marketing firm for more than 20 years. Our longtime 360° Connect methodology lets us deliver integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions for brands and agencies that demand holistic programs.

When you need answers and solutions, we’ll recommend the specific tools and marketing services that are based on your individual needs and will work best for you , — not just to sell a particular service. A truly strategic and ethical integrated marketing agency puts the client’s real needs first. If we don’t have those tools on hand, we know exactly where to find them.

Just as importantly, TRG brings a collaborative, agile, entrepreneurial attitude to the work. Since Day One, we’ve seen ourselves as a Challenger Brand, willing to work harder and smarter than the competition to get results. We’re BS-free partners who will help you ask the right questions and get the right solutions — fast.

Our Path to the Right Integrated Activation Solution

1. Discovery:

  • Delve into your brand so we have perfect understanding and clarity
  • Learn and understand what consumers want from the bran
  • Audit and benchmark against your competition
  • Identify key target consumer touchpoints and engagement tools that enable an effective, immersive brand experience

2. Development:

  • Create a campaign strategy with organic, relevant, on-brand messaging
  • Leverage all brand assets to maximize consistent exposure and consumer interaction
  • Explore cross-platform opportunities
  • Examine alliance and partnership possibilities, including contact and negotiation
  • Make it cost effective!

3. Delivery:

  • Seamless, turnkey execution across every channel and deliverable, from digital, social and brand experiences through data capture and fulfillment
  • “Agile adjustment” of executions to maximize new opportunities as they arise
  • Real-time reporting and tracking
  • Refine the consumer dialogue via constant enhancement, targeting, re-targeting and relationship-building extensions

4. Analysis and Optimization:

  • Evaluation of results to drive program enhancements or future efficiencies
  • Make agile changes to get the greatest immediate impact from the present program
  • Experience-based recommendations on how to continuously improve, extend and engage with your audience