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Sour Punch “Embrace Your Punch” Tour

9 Cities … 15 Event Days … 7,950,000 Brand Impressions … 500,000+ Samples Delivered … 750,000 Happy Consumers! One of the best types of endorsement is a client who keeps coming back to do more business. After The Regan Group (TRG) managed two successful tours for their Red Vines brand last year, The American Licorice Company (ALC) approached TRG to execute another tour for their Sour Punch brand.  And we delivered unprecedented results.   The Challenge? Differentiate Sour Punch from other sour candy brands on the market and reach millennials throughout the South and East Coast.   The Solution? TRG Read More

Forget About Followers: 10 Tips for Nurturing Social Media Evangelists

“Following” is a pretty inadequate expectation of your social media fanbase, if you think about it while wearing your marketing hat. Nowadays you need proactivity from people who like your brand on social media channels. Every consumer is a prospective evangelist; every post or reply is a chance to generate sharable content. So a marketer has to figure out how to convert passive “followers” into energetic brand proponents.

4 Big Reasons to Build a Sweepstakes Around Branding

Digital sweepstakes and contests are in a position similar to that of email marketing several years ago: with the advent of automated platforms, many small and mid-level e-mail marketers decided to save money and use those seemingly cheaper platforms. Pick a template, slap in some call-to-action copy, a product image, hit a button and go! Yet.  Even today, the most successful marketers still spend the time and resources necessary to build truly customized email and eCRM campaigns. Why? Why haven’t the cut-and-paste, punch-a-button solutions entirely taken over?

Success is Simple: 7 Guidelines for a Great Event Marketing Idea

When you’re trying to come up with a great idea for an event marketing program — whether a brand experience, an awareness event or a P.R. stunt — one thing we’ve learned over the years is that the best creative and execution ideas are the simplest.   Not always the “most basic” or “dumbed-down,” but event marketing strategies and tactics that strive for total clarity, making it that much easier to engage an audience. Case in point?  Just last month, The Regan Group had the opportunity to deliver a P.R./buzz-building event marketing program for client The Hallmark Channel to support the Read More

Turn Live Events and Experiences into Onsite Sales

Marketers interested in adding an extra dimension to live events should take a look at what the Portland Trail Blazers pulled off as part of their at-the-game experience at their arena, Moda Center. It wasn’t just engaging — it was profitable, too. We’re always focused on driving opt-ins and downstream engagement, but there’s often a chance to deliver on-the-spot revenue.  The Trail Blazers wanted to leverage mobile engagement for fans attending home games — and they found it, in creating a series of contests that included social integration tactics, push notifications and more to deliver discounts and in-venue ticket and Read More

7 Tips for an Effective Sweepstakes

From a strategic or even creative standpoint, a program like this McCormick & Schmick sweepstakes we did at TRG may not look like much.  But there’s a lot going on beneath the icy-cool surface of this particular promotion.  So just what are the best practices involved in a solid online sweepstakes program?

9 Ways to Gather Live Event Metrics

Getting at the ROI of an experiential event like a corporate meeting, conference, product launch, retail event, media event, mobile tour or street team deployment has been a longtime challenge, and the definition of “return” can vary by category or product.  But there’s not a lot of mystery around how to gather data — and with the advent of mobile, there are more options than ever for marketers to gather useful information from their trade show booth, mobile tour, experiential stunt or other live activation.

Best Practices in Activating Social Media Ambassadors For Your Brand

Let’s first define what it means to be an “Ambassador.”  The political definition, according to Merriam-Webster, is “a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment.”  Now let’s simplify this. Our everyday ambassador is a representative of a particular activity or, in marketing terms, a brand. Social media marketing, or as it was called 15 years ago, word-of mouth marketing, has revolutionized branding, marketing, advertising, sales…the list goes on.  But what has it Read More