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Sour Punch “Embrace Your Punch” Tour

9 Cities … 15 Event Days … 7,950,000 Brand Impressions … 500,000+ Samples Delivered … 750,000 Happy Consumers! One of the best types of endorsement is a client who keeps coming back to do more business. After The Regan Group (TRG) managed two successful tours for their Red Vines brand last year, The American Licorice Company (ALC) approached TRG to execute another tour for their Sour Punch brand.  And we delivered unprecedented results.   The Challenge? Differentiate Sour Punch from other sour candy brands on the market and reach millennials throughout the South and East Coast.   The Solution? TRG Read More

Bring Your Brand To Life Through Experiential Marketing

According to CBS News, we live in a consumer culture that bombards us with more than 5,000 commercial messages each day!   Yes, messages are powerful. They create recognition, resonation, and influence. Remembering a catchy tune from a commercial may make someone more inclined to buy a certain cleaning product. A few bad Yelp reviews may steer someone away from choosing a restaurant. However, there is nothing more influential and powerful than an experience to motivate you to take action.   You buy the dish soap that made getting the grease off your pots and pans after Thanksgiving dinner easy. Read More

How We Created Buzz Through Experiential Marketing

An experience, as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation.” Experiences are what create memories and lasting impressions for people. They give us a better understanding of what we come into contact with, which is why experiential marketing is such a powerful way to make consumers familiar with a brand.   But what exactly is experiential marketing?   It’s a type of marketing that allows people to encounter a brand. It can be touched or viewed in a physical space, and it tries to Read More

Brands Got Social With Emmy in 2014: What’s Next?

Advertisers involved with the 2014 Emmy Awards saw it as an opportunity to expand the engagement envelope with consumers, as well they should.  It’s the kind of marquee event that will organically draw interest, naturally, and everyone from Audi to L’Oreal went to considerable lengths to leverage their sponsorship through social media and viral tactics. (Wonder if could get a few bucks for an old Reggie at Barely Legal Pawn?)

How to Maintain Your (Leading) Edge in Marketing Innovation

At SXSW this year, Oreo delivered a buzzworthy installation that was typically Oreo: its Trending/Vending Machine was inventive, entertaining, smart.  By combining 3D printing with functionalities of a Twitter vending machine, the brand seized on two hot trends and created some real separation for itself…and gave attendees the chance to enjoy “personalized” Oreos. Give me my bespoke Oreo and a glass of whole milk (not skim: it’s not the same experience!).  I’m in.   #eatthetweet, indeed. What’s really fascinating is how this particular viral stunt illuminates just how quickly marketing trends move in this day and age.  The first “Tweet-powered” vending Read More

Don’t Stop at “Clever” — Turn Innovative Ads into Activation!

This very clever outdoor ad from Sweden leverages technology to “transcend the limits of the medium,” as one blogger at Mashable put it.  But we’d argue that it doesn’t transcend those limits nearly enough…which points to the difference between simply advertising (no matter how technically advanced) and activation marketing. Apotek, a pharmacy brand, outfitted subway platform video panel ads in Stockholm with ultra-sonic sensors that could tell when a train was pulling into the station.  When the train arrived, the model’s mane flapped and flew in the breeze and she fought to keep it in place, paid off by the Read More

The Selfie that Surprised Samsung?

Samsung claims that the selfie seen ’round the world — featuring Ellen DeGeneres and a swarm of the brightest molars ever gathered in one room — was completely unplanned!  Utterly spontaneous!  A total (though welcome) surprise to everyone at the brand!  And you believe that, there’s a Friendship Bridge between North and South Korea they’d like to sell you, too. Truth is, it might have been improvisation on Ellen’s part; the rest of the evening certainly seemed to have an air of improvisation goin’ on.  Pizza?  Really?  At the Oscars?  Carson and Hope are spinning.  But there’s improvisation, and then Read More

Babies crawl to the Capitol! Cadillac gets chippy! And more stories from activation marketing!

Another wild and crazy week in the world of marketing and consumer activation, as new strategies spawn nearly faster than we can keep up!  But keep up we will…