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TRG named to The Silicon Review’s “10 Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Companies 2017” List

Right marketing and sales promotion tools in the right places at the right moments: The Regan Group “In 20 years, we have set a work culture at Regan group to be diverse, entrepreneurial, and multidisciplinary.” Augmented reality, live video streaming, data visualization: There’s plenty of hype about which digital marketing trends will hit the big time in 2017. But, before you rush to jump onto the latest trend bandwagon, take a look at these combat-ready promotional strategies designed by The Regan Group. Established in the year 1991, Regan puts the right sales promotion tools in the right places at the Read More

How Do You Measure Success? W.O.M.

The results are in and as we all suspected, word of mouth drives 13% of consumer sales and amplifies the effect of paid media by 15%. In a recent landmark study “Return of Word of Mouth” by Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), the impact of consumer word of mouth was measured across in six diverse categories finding that consumer conversations both online and offline account for an average of 13% of sales. This means big dollars representing about $6 trillion dollars in annual consumer spending. Research and trends shows that consumers are increasingly looking to their social networks or Read More

Patti Regan is onstage today at WOMMnext 2014!

Patti is speaking at WOMMnext 2014 today on the subject of how to turn W-O-M into true R-O-I, especially by using leading-edge activation technologies and platforms that allow marketers to target, re-target, engage and convert audiences in ways that allow a highly-personalized dialogue with each and every consumer. In the bold new age of omnipresent digital interaction, reputation management and authenticity marketing, she’ll be covering the kinds of strategies that are crucial to success in this ever-evolving environment. Above is a sneak peek at the title slide of her presentation — we’ll have more extracts in the days and weeks Read More

TRG Activates at WOMMnext 2014!

It’ll be all the buzz when our own Patti Regan-Nelson hits the stage as a featured speaker at the WOMMnext 2014 conference in Chicago this April, sharing insights and best practices on how to turn word-of-mouth into actual engagement, purchase and evangelism using consumer activation strategies. During her session, Patti will… There’ll be plenty of audience interaction and a fun activity or two to make it memorable and worthwhile for everyone who attends, of course. As a member of WOMMA’s Board of Directors, Patti’s appearance is in line with WOMMA’s mission, and her personal commitment, to educating others in the Read More

How Ben & Jerry’s Struck Social Media Gold, and More!

It’s a hyperfast-moving world, this promotional/experiential/digital marketing ideascape, so here at TRG it’s our duty and our pleasure to keep track of the best, brightest, funkiest (and even lamest) ideas out there for Activating the Instant, and moving your target audience from consideration to engagement, purchase, even outright evangelism.  Here are just a few salient stories we came across this week!

Six Things to Know About the New Facebook Promotions Rules

Facebook’s previous rules for running contents on your wall were undoubtedly an obstacle for a lot of businesses, adding layers of complexity and difficulty across the board. At TRG, we’re in the business of creating social media promotions for our clients, so we’ve kept a close eye on how Facebook legislates contests and sweepstakes.  Their new ruleset, announced on August 27th, makes it “easier for businesses of all sizes to create and administer promotions on Facebook.”  What are some of the changes, and how might they impact using Facebook? Contests can be run on a business/organization’s own Timeline, allowing them Read More

COPPA Gets a Little More Giddy Up in Its Guidelines

Spring is here!  And so many changes are in the air!  The weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, the days are lasting longer…and the The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (or COPPA to those more familiar) is getting a little more giddy up in its guidelines come July 1st! This particular change is very important to us here at TRG.  We love our toy clients and pride ourselves on designing programs that are COPPA (don’t worry, CARU, you too!) compliant.  We love kids and want them to have as much fun as possible, but like Mom always said – rules Read More

Marketing to a Millennial: How Ford got me to Focus

They call me a millennial and I am quite desired by them. They view me as a challenging proposition, although I’d like to think that I’m pretty easy. I knew what I wanted and went in for the kill. At least my dad approved.  In fact, my dad set the whole thing up with them. And by them, I mean Ford.   As a recent college graduate, it was time for me to upgrade my personal department of transportation. Saying goodbye to my beat up Toyota Corolla was not an easy task, but I was on the search for a Read More