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Experiential Marketing: Creating Authentic Brand Experiences


“Experiential marketing” isn’t just about putting up a tent and handing out samples (although tactics like field marketing that play their part, and we can supply those, too). It’s about delivering a truly immersive, authentic total brand experience that enthralls and engages your audience – and we’re experts at making that happen.

Thanks to an award-winning creative and marketing team, TRG can help you explore the most effective tools for generating virality and trial: Smart, efficient and dynamic experiential marketing strategies that will make your brand tangible to your target audience.

We Know Every Experiential Marketing Option…and How to Test Their Effectiveness

Whether it’s a national tour, an entertainment event, a pop-up store, a public relations stunt or an interactive trade show exhibit, as a full-service experiential marketing agency, TRG will help you determine the most cost-effective option for engaging your target via experiential marketing campaigns optimized to drive connection, trial and earned media.

Nikon The Chase Case Study Image1

See how TRG teamed up with Ashton Kutcher for Nikon at SXSW

We’ll also research the markets, locations, events and partnerships that maximize the return on your experiential investment.

Unlike most other experiential marketing companies, we even provide expertise in testing experiential concepts and engagement tactics ahead of fabrication and program launch to fine-tune your campaign for best success.

Agility + Authenticity + Creativity = Results

With consumers becoming ever more elusive and on-the-go, a marketer’s ability to capture their attention means having a program that is agile enough to reach them anywhere they are, then deliver indelible brand experiences and one-to-one engagements.

Creative ingenuity is crucial, as is meticulous management. With more than two decades of experience in XM, street teams, stunt events and more, TRG experiential marketing agency delivers ideation and execution for programs small, large and enormous!

Power Rangers Samurai Experience

Check out how TRG combined digital and experiential for Bandai

  • Mobile Tours
  • Mall Events
  • Street Teams
  • Product Sampling
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • IconicTakeovers
  • Previews + Screenings
  • Trade Shows + Conferences
  • Industry Nights
  • PR Stunts
  • College-Based Programs
  • Information + Data Capture
  • Talent Coordination
  • Sponsorship Search + Activation
  • Social Media Support
  • Event Planning + Production

Turnkey Logistics + Support

Every experiential marketing program we execute is backed by TRG logistics, as well as shipping and fulfillment infrastructure that brings 20-plus years of excellence in supporting XM campaigns of every type to your campaign.