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Strategic Partnerships

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TRG Activates Partnerships that Deliver Results

As an integrated marketing agency with 20+ years of experience, TRG has a best-in-class reputation for creating and executing marketing partnerships and promotional alliances.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to how we do it. We dig into your timing, objectives, budget and expectations to find the partner, entertainment property or other hook-up that makes sense.

We Seek out Partners Ready to Work for You

We apply pragmatism and an expert eye to any potential partnership, marketing alliance or sports or entertainment property. It has to make sense for your brand, extend your reach, excite your audience and deliver solid results.

By pragmatically scrutinizing each partner opportunity to see if it matches up with both your target and your precise marketing goals, we make sure any partner activation is worth the investment – of time, budget and your brand’s valuable equity.

TRG can then help you execute those partnerships, down to the smallest detail: as a full-service marketing agency, we turnkey the sweepstakes, experiential, packaging, digital, mobile and shopper marketing tactics that connect with consumers.

TRG’s Strategic Partnership Services:

GREEK Aeropostale Program Clothing

We partnered ABC Family with Aeropostale to drive tune-in and in-store traffic — a win-win for both parties!

  • Product Placement
  • Product Integration
  • Cross-Promotions
  • Sports/Entertainment Properties
  • Corporate Alliances
  • Online or Offline
  • Digital Integration
  • Celebrity Sponsorships
  • Retail Activation
  • Licensing
  • Promotional Execution

Specialized in Entertainment Activation

TRG leverages longstanding relationships with nearly every studio, network and entertainment entity. We’ve partnered movie studios with blue-chip CPGs and top retailers to support scores of theatrical and home video releases, delivered product placement opportunities in films and TV shows, and created innovative experiential and street team programs that equally benefit brands and properties alike.

Creating an entertainment partnership program that meets everyone’s goals and ensures it’s cost-effective for all concerned takes savvy and insight about how to best serve everyone at the table. That’s where TRG excels.