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How to Use Influencer Marketing for Your Event

Event Planners Miss Out on the Benefits of Influencer Marketing Event planners might be shortchanging the business by not tapping influencer marketing to reach potential customers. The way to promote a business brand has changed drastically in the last decades. In particular, the emergence of influencer marketing has gained traction as an effective method in business branding. Events are viewed as venues to gather people, expose the brand, and expand customer base. Connecting an event with influencers is a good strategy to attain success in brand awareness. By not exploiting influencer marketing, event planners are missing out on the advantages Read More

What’s Missing in Customer Loyalty Programs?

What compels someone purchase more expensive Dove body wash rather than cheaper CVS body wash, or Vaseline instead of another petroleum jelly brand? The answer: brand recognition and brand loyalty. Marketers know the reason behind these selections, and they understand how important it is to establish and maintain brand loyalty for their products. One of the ways in which they try to accomplish this is through customer loyalty programs.     It is imperative to always put the customer first–to focus on the customer’s emotional interactions with the brand and to ensure that these interactions are positive. Creating continual positive Read More