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How Do You Measure Success? W.O.M.

The results are in and as we all suspected, word of mouth drives 13% of consumer sales and amplifies the effect of paid media by 15%. In a recent landmark study “Return of Word of Mouth” by Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), the impact of consumer word of mouth was measured across in six diverse categories finding that consumer conversations both online and offline account for an average of 13% of sales. This means big dollars representing about $6 trillion dollars in annual consumer spending. Research and trends shows that consumers are increasingly looking to their social networks or Read More

The Yummification is Underway (with this TRG UGC Promotion)!

Presenting the latest program by TRG — a user generated content (UGC) initiative where we’ll be rewarding 5-Hour Energy consumers for “Yummifying” the product! It’s a recipe content with guidelines as to what are “acceptable” and “unacceptable” beverage combinations (sorry, kids, no vodka-and-5-Hour mixology here!) that lets the brand combat one area of consumer resistance — its taste — by helping the audience educate itself about the mixing options available.  And rewarding them with prizes of up to $50,000 for uploading a video of their “Yummification” experience. That’s the kind of rich reward that’s essential to the success of any Read More

Turn Live Events and Experiences into Onsite Sales

Marketers interested in adding an extra dimension to live events should take a look at what the Portland Trail Blazers pulled off as part of their at-the-game experience at their arena, Moda Center. It wasn’t just engaging — it was profitable, too. We’re always focused on driving opt-ins and downstream engagement, but there’s often a chance to deliver on-the-spot revenue.  The Trail Blazers wanted to leverage mobile engagement for fans attending home games — and they found it, in creating a series of contests that included social integration tactics, push notifications and more to deliver discounts and in-venue ticket and Read More

7 Tips for an Effective Sweepstakes

From a strategic or even creative standpoint, a program like this McCormick & Schmick sweepstakes we did at TRG may not look like much.  But there’s a lot going on beneath the icy-cool surface of this particular promotion.  So just what are the best practices involved in a solid online sweepstakes program?

How to Maintain Your (Leading) Edge in Marketing Innovation

At SXSW this year, Oreo delivered a buzzworthy installation that was typically Oreo: its Trending/Vending Machine was inventive, entertaining, smart.  By combining 3D printing with functionalities of a Twitter vending machine, the brand seized on two hot trends and created some real separation for itself…and gave attendees the chance to enjoy “personalized” Oreos. Give me my bespoke Oreo and a glass of whole milk (not skim: it’s not the same experience!).  I’m in.   #eatthetweet, indeed. What’s really fascinating is how this particular viral stunt illuminates just how quickly marketing trends move in this day and age.  The first “Tweet-powered” vending Read More

Patti Regan is onstage today at WOMMnext 2014!

Patti is speaking at WOMMnext 2014 today on the subject of how to turn W-O-M into true R-O-I, especially by using leading-edge activation technologies and platforms that allow marketers to target, re-target, engage and convert audiences in ways that allow a highly-personalized dialogue with each and every consumer. In the bold new age of omnipresent digital interaction, reputation management and authenticity marketing, she’ll be covering the kinds of strategies that are crucial to success in this ever-evolving environment. Above is a sneak peek at the title slide of her presentation — we’ll have more extracts in the days and weeks Read More

Taking Your Promotions Online and to the Next Level

I’m always fascinated by how integrated technology continues to push the boundaries of how we develop and execute promotions. Twenty-five years ago it was all about face-to-face, hand-to-hand contact with the consumer, whether it was at a grocery store, movie cinema, or shopping mall. Nowadays we communicate with a global and instantaneous grip through gadgets, handheld devices, mobile phones, computers and at times (I wish it was more often) an enjoyable meal or some sort of social gathering. It’s not surprising that, in order for brands to reach their target audience, they have to engage with them across multi-media platforms, Read More

Don’t Stop at “Clever” — Turn Innovative Ads into Activation!

This very clever outdoor ad from Sweden leverages technology to “transcend the limits of the medium,” as one blogger at Mashable put it.  But we’d argue that it doesn’t transcend those limits nearly enough…which points to the difference between simply advertising (no matter how technically advanced) and activation marketing. Apotek, a pharmacy brand, outfitted subway platform video panel ads in Stockholm with ultra-sonic sensors that could tell when a train was pulling into the station.  When the train arrived, the model’s mane flapped and flew in the breeze and she fought to keep it in place, paid off by the Read More