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Tis’ the Season to go Digital

    It’s been over a week since Halloween, which means it is officially the holiday season. Time to get ready for the biggest holidays of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to Signal, 47% of consumers have already thought about gift ideas for the holiday season, which means they are starting the search process. Some even started as early as September, which means if you haven’t started preparing for the holiday season, you better start now.   This year is a huge shift for the retailer shipping experience. More consumers are shopping through digital platforms than ever. Read More

How to Use Contests and Sweepstakes for Increased Social Media Engagement

When it comes to interacting and connecting with customers, you are always on the lookout for existing and new strategies. When it comes to gaining engagement, social media contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways are hard to beat. Contests pump up the excitement of the fans of a brand. And if done right, they encourage sharing among other fans and motivate them to spread the word about giveaways. Launching a contest through the social media channel of your choice is great and can be the best way to engage with customers. Also, it provides valuable data which can be used in your Read More