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Sour Punch “Embrace Your Punch” Tour

9 Cities … 15 Event Days … 7,950,000 Brand Impressions … 500,000+ Samples Delivered … 750,000 Happy Consumers! One of the best types of endorsement is a client who keeps coming back to do more business. After The Regan Group (TRG) managed two successful tours for their Red Vines brand last year, The American Licorice Company (ALC) approached TRG to execute another tour for their Sour Punch brand.  And we delivered unprecedented results.   The Challenge? Differentiate Sour Punch from other sour candy brands on the market and reach millennials throughout the South and East Coast.   The Solution? TRG Read More

How Digital Disruption has Changed the Marketing Industry

Remember the days when renting a movie meant actually driving to a Blockbuster store instead of simply searching for a title on your Netflix account? Or when hitching a ride home from the airport meant hailing a taxi instead of tapping the screen of your smartphone to request an Uber or Lyft ride? Well, those days are now a distant memory and a thing of the past.   Digital technology is everywhere. It is so much a part of everyday life, that it is hard to imagine the world without it. How could we ever get from point A to Read More

How Do You Measure Success? W.O.M.

The results are in and as we all suspected, word of mouth drives 13% of consumer sales and amplifies the effect of paid media by 15%. In a recent landmark study “Return of Word of Mouth” by Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), the impact of consumer word of mouth was measured across in six diverse categories finding that consumer conversations both online and offline account for an average of 13% of sales. This means big dollars representing about $6 trillion dollars in annual consumer spending. Research and trends shows that consumers are increasingly looking to their social networks or Read More