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Bring Your Brand To Life Through Experiential Marketing

According to CBS News, we live in a consumer culture that bombards us with more than 5,000 commercial messages each day!   Yes, messages are powerful. They create recognition, resonation, and influence. Remembering a catchy tune from a commercial may make someone more inclined to buy a certain cleaning product. A few bad Yelp reviews may steer someone away from choosing a restaurant. However, there is nothing more influential and powerful than an experience to motivate you to take action.   You buy the dish soap that made getting the grease off your pots and pans after Thanksgiving dinner easy. Read More

5 Secrets About Experiential Marketing That Mesmerize You

Today, the foundation of marketing is based on the customer-centric approach. Without this approach, the business brands do not have a real shot at winning the confidence of the audience and succeeding in their product sales. Among the many tried marketing techniques, experiential marketing gives the branding agency UAE, and those flourishing across the world, a chance to uplift their brand name by bringing in customers as a potential source for the evolution of the brand.   This amazing one on one relationship between the customer and the brand has its perks. Making the customers an active part of the Read More

Proving Word-Of-Mouth is Best-In Class

I’ve gotten this question more than a few times, from people who seem to have a little bit of doubt lurking behind the question: what’s the real-world, on-the-ground ROI for word-of-mouth? What these hard-core skeptics really always seemed to be thinking was, is this just manufactured marketing bunk, a new excuse for me to spend my money? There’s always been the intuitive belief that word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations, the one-to-one between consumers or other prospects, are the gold standard in building consideration and intent to buy. The problem has been measurement. Just what kind of value can we attach to Read More

9 Ways to Gather Live Event Metrics

Getting at the ROI of an experiential event like a corporate meeting, conference, product launch, retail event, media event, mobile tour or street team deployment has been a longtime challenge, and the definition of “return” can vary by category or product.  But there’s not a lot of mystery around how to gather data — and with the advent of mobile, there are more options than ever for marketers to gather useful information from their trade show booth, mobile tour, experiential stunt or other live activation.