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The Team

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The culture we’ve created over 20+ years at The Regan Group – diverse, entrepreneurial, multidisciplinary — resonates throughout all we do for our clients. That’s why we seek out team members who come from diverse and colorful backgrounds, with varied skills and dynamic approaches to marketing.

We take a Matrix Management approach to our workday, allowing everyone to take part in multiple projects, carry different levels of responsibility and push themselves and their peers to realize their full potential as marketers.

That collaboration and cohesion has been incredibly beneficial to our clients. Not to mention how it makes for a fun, spirited and interesting workplace.

Meet Our Team


Patti Regan-Nelson

Founder, CEO
Karlina Van Adelsberg

Karlina Van Adelsberg

Executive Vice President, Operations

David Pelayo

Vice President, Fulfillment

Patrick Pharris

Senior Director, New Business Development

Kelly Padjen

Senior Director, Shopper Marketing
Candice Herbozo Headshot

Candice Herbozo

Director, Creative

Jay Corson

Director, Digital & Social Strategy
Robert Manke Headshot

Robert Manke

Director, Print & Fulfillment


Kelly Strange

Kelly Strange

Senior Account Director

Suzanne Hansen

Senior Account Director 
Candice Vadman

Candice Peck

Senior Account Director 

Jenn Tully

Senior Account Director

Kylie Martin

Account Coordinator

Denice Paulson

Account Coordinator
Daphne Vadman

Daphne Vadman


Brad LaVerne

Systems Administrator