Taking Your Promotions Online and to the Next Level

Taking Your Promotions Online and to the Next Level

I’m always fascinated by how integrated technology continues to push the boundaries of how we develop and execute promotions. Twenty-five years ago it was all about face-to-face, hand-to-hand contact with the consumer, whether it was at a grocery store, movie cinema, or shopping mall. Nowadays we communicate with a global and instantaneous grip through gadgets, handheld devices, mobile phones, computers and at times (I wish it was more often) an enjoyable meal or some sort of social gathering.

It’s not surprising that, in order for brands to reach their target audience, they have to engage with them across multi-media platforms, including experiential, using the latest techniques and tools digital and web technology offers. That’s why I have been entrenched in the “new world of media” for the past decade. I’ve successfully steered TRG towards embracing and leveraging digital media and social technology to effectively meet our client’s needs. It’s an exciting and for me at times mind-blowing, era of limitless possibilities. For several industries, including entertainment, games, toys and casual dining it’s an incredible new way to activate consumers without any face-to-face interaction.

Recently we worked with Electronic Arts’ huge new XBOX One hit Titanfall on an interactive sweepstakes where the microsite was almost as cool as the game. The microsite used layered, dimensional-looking HTML5 Parallax effects to give it a sense of motion, depth and detail and the action and graphics added to the intense visual effects that were necessary to make a real impression on hardcore gamers.

We have found robust and interactive microsites to be highly effective for several promotional campaigns that not only drove consumers to related social channels, but captured crucial consumer data — invaluable for any client to track their audience. We used cool graphics and 3D elements for Cartoon Network’s new show Ben 10 Omniverse and an online virtual experience for Hallmark Channel’s hit show, Cedar Cove.

The key for these integrated campaigns is to stay true to the brand’s content and ensure that the consumer’s experience is streamlined, accessible and engaging- with no technical problems. There’s nothing worse than building a microsite across multiple platforms that doesn’t work. Be sure to test and retest your site and only go live when you can guarantee the best virtual experience for all users.

Just as important is the site’s foundation and how you’re collecting data and tracking user participation. Your site’s backend and backup is just as critical as what the consumer sees and experiences. Mastering the two takes time and expertise but is well worth the investment. We have gained tremendous ROI for our clients by applying these best practices across our online campaigns.

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