Doing "Wincredible" Work for Bazooka Joe!

Doing "Wincredible" Work for Bazooka Joe!

They’re called “threshold” sweepstakes, and here’s the latest — a program TRG is doing right now for Bazooka Joe!

To drive sales of the inimitable bubble gum and help build its user community, we worked with the client to deliver a truly “Wincredible Sweepstakes” where codes — available on packaging or via mail-in — are entered at the promotion site.

As Joe fans enter more and more codes, higher and higher prize levels are unlocked, from wardrobe makeovers on up to a complete Gaming Makeover that’ll make some lucky winner the maestro of mayhem.

There have been threshold sweepstakes before (and we’ve done a number of them), but we’re not aware of any quite like this, in either concept or execution.

So look over the manic fun and outrageousness of “Wincredible” right now at Bazooka Joe’s website!

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